Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute

CLBI Student

I love trees. I have found the more I learn about them, root formation and types, the more I appreciate them. Generally the more educated you become on a subject, the larger your appreciation is for it. The Bible works in the same way. The more I learn about its stories, symbols and authority,the deeper my desire to read it becomes.

At CLBI our knowledge of the Bible is increased so significantly it is as though we had never truly opened our eyes in reading it before. To know God through the Scriptures is one of my deepest desires. The courses at Bible school instructed me in preparing my mind and heart for the revelations the Lord has waiting for me. I can take comfort in knowing that my instructions are God-breathed and true. I know that my instructors are Scripture-centered in their teaching and that God’s words are the basis for anything done at CLBI. There is nothing to fear and nothing to doubt when your life and studies are rooted in the Word.

Once you have learned so much, you cannot turn back to ignorance. You simply start to thrive on the verses read. I pray that God continues to work this desire deep into our souls for I have learned that we will find treasure, guidance and renewal within the Scriptures.

~ Elissa Kvemshagen