Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute

Neil - CLBI Student

Following my first year of Bible school I was compelled to embark on a trip across the globe to Sri Lanka. I ventured out under God’s protection. Through serving and by being served, I realized how amazing God’s family really is.

Even if one’s lifelong calling isn’t cross-cultural ministries, seeing first-hand how Christ is lived out in different cultures is a vital aspect of exploring our faith. It revealed to me the breadth of life outside of my Christian experiences in Canada. As followers of Christ we are called and sent out. In my experiences of taking that call seriously I have never been let down. Each time I have grown deeper in my walk with God.

God has blessed me in so many ways through other people around the world. He has given me awesome friends and brothers in Christ, spiritual knowledge, a compassion for hurting people in search of a Saviour, and a whole new respect and love for the people back in my home congregation who have supported me. I am very proud of CLBI for making missions a priority in their program. It’s the perfect way to end the two years at Bible School. We will be thrown directly into the unknown, into uncomfortable situations where we’ll be forced to rely on God’s strength and direction. I am being sent to Mexico this year. I can hardly wait to see how God touches each of my teammates and the Mexican church we are going to serve.

~ Neil Kroeger