Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute

If CLBI were to be plucked out of the city of Camrose, would those in the community notice? With that thought in mind, CLBI is continuing a ministry outreach program this year that will enable us to reach out and impact Camrose and the surrounding area.

Each first year student is required to be on a Short Term Ministry Practicum team. Some of our Second year students will lead these teams in a variety of outreach opportunities. Placements have been arranged and each host ministry is excited to have a force of CLBI students to assist in making their ministry more effective.

While the majority of practicums are located in Camrose, there are a few placements that require travel. The chaplaincy dept. of the Edmonton Institution for Women and Louis Bull Sunday School (Hobbema, AB) are two unique opportunities for students. Rising travel costs make consistent ministry in out-of-town placements quite costly. If you feel called to financially support this program please contact the Ministry Practicum Coordinator.

We are excited to see what God is going to do in and through CLBI students, as they are consistently involved in the community of Camrose. Thank you for praying for the students as they go out into the world around them!


Students at CLBI have been able to put on a youth night called LOL on Friday Nights. We use the name LOL to stand for different themes we have for each event. We’ve had two events so far. Our first event was Live out Loud and our second event was Listen Out Loud. I loved it that CLBI students came for both evenings even when they weren’t on the planning committee and jumped right in, getting involved with being positive role models, encouraging questions and conversation during our small group question periods.

Our most resent event Listen Out Loud was wonderfully woven together. We had fun playing small games that had to do with listening. A huge highlight of the night was the huge obstacle course were the youth were divided into four teams and participated in the obstacle course blindfolded so they could listen to their team mates direct their way through while trying to ignore the voices from people on the other teams.

We then had Ryan Dittmann share some person experiences and talk about how that relates to our everyday lives when we hear so many others voices in the world like TV, music, and peers telling us different things that we often find it hard to listen to God speak to us. We had some solo time to listen to God with small groups time to follow. We had time to talk about questions we had, share personnel experiences and see the youth starting to really think about listening to God. That was really exciting to see. I found some of the youth opening up and sharing that they didn’t really experience anything this time but seeing them really thinking about it and taking in this new idea that they may have never thought about was exciting to see. To get the opportunity to share and encourage them to spend some one on one time with God was spectacular and also it was a great treat to get to know them more over a snack and visiting with them. I really see God working in this experience and look forward to our next LOL.

~ Bethany Gaertner ('09)


Over the past few months we have been volunteering at the Hobbema First Nation children’s program every other week. Through it we have been stretched and challenged in many good ways.

By our standards, these children came across as very undisciplined upon first impression. We noticed a difference in hygiene and cultural background right away. We feared coming in as “outsiders” because the segregation between our culture and theirs is so prevalent in our society. We really had a lot to learn.

The past few months have been eye opening. Our false presumptions have been wiped clean and replaced with reality. We have come to see that these kids are just that, kids. They were apprehensive about us coming, but it didn’t take them long to start interacting and laughing with us.

Since we have been to Hobbema, we have helped the ministry with crowd control, performing drama skits, learning and teaching songs, and doing crafts. In the future, we hope to continue to grow with these crazy loving kids and make a positive impact in their lives.

~Hobbema Ministry Team ('09)