Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute

President of CLBI

Hello! I am so glad that you are considering joining us for a year at CLBI. We are committed to making our students time with us some of the best years of their lives.

 This three word phrase says a lot about how we make that happen:

 “Belong, Believe, Become”.

Belong -  It all starts with a place to belong. Belonging is vital for living , but is becoming harder to find in our fractured and isolated society. Living in community centered on Jesus and His Word changes us. Belonging to Christ gives us identity and security. Belonging to Christ leads us to belong to one another and find purpose in the body of Christ. Belonging is ‘with-ward’ growth as students learn to live grace-fully with one another. You will make friends for life.

Believe - Within this context of relationship, you will begin to explore your faith, discovering for yourself what it means to believe in the promises of God. Believing, as found in the Gospel, is not merely mental assent given to a list of doctrines. Rather it is a vibrant life that is expressed through trust and action. Believing is ‘down-ward’ growth as students are rooted and established in the truth of God’s word.

Become -When you know you belong with others on the journey, when you believe personally in Jesus Christ, that's when growth takes off. Becoming who you were created to be is abundant life. Its discovering and living out our new life in Christ. Becoming is ‘out-ward’ growth as students reach their God-given potential.

The sequence is crucial. In the Gospels, we see Jesus inviting the disciples to follow Him. Often this meant entering into a new way of life before they completely understood who Jesus was and what His call entailed. Later they would put their trust in Him as they learned to believe in a relational context. As belonging and believing took root in their lives, the disciples were transformed. We hope for the same process for all CLBI students, that they would: Belong to Christ and His body, where they can learn to Believe His Word, and Become the people He created them to be.

These are exciting times, as God continues to call, restore, equip, and send students into the world with His mission. May the Living God lead us all in His movements of Belonging, Believing, and Becoming.

Take the plunge. Join our CLBI family. You’ll have the time of your life as you make new friends, stretch your comfort zone, and experience a keen sense that God has met you here!

Pastor Harold Rust