Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute
Christian Leadership Program

backpacking team

The second year at CLBI is one of leadership development by studying and following the example of Jesus Christ. The goal is to develop servant leaders equipped to lead various aspects of Christian ministry in the local church and beyond. A prerequisite to this program is the one-year Christian Discipleship Program, the Foundations program or an equivalent from another Bible school.

There is an emphasis on developing practical leadership skills among the student body, in ministries outside of CLBI and through the experiences provided throughout the Bible school community and academic year.

The Christian Leadership Program includes an international cross-cultural trip (IMPACTtrip) that second year students plan and embark upon each January. In recent years teams have worked alongside missionaries in Kenya, Ukraine, India, Romania, Mexico, Nunavut, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Haiti, Mongolia, Japan and other nations. Participation in a cross-cultural missions experience is a mandatory component of the Christian Leadership Program.

Upon completion of the Christian Leadership Program, students graduate with a Diploma in Christian Leadership. The diploma has placed students in good stead for youth ministry positions in congregations, camp ministry leadership positions, continued educational pursuits for various Christian ministry degrees and for leadership roles in the local church.


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