Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute
Academic Information


Most courses that Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute offers are one week in length and are called modules. In this format, many quality instructors from around the world are able to come to CLBI to instruct in their specific areas of interest and expertise.

Each module is worth one credit. The one-credit modules are able to be grouped with other modules in the same topical area to create a three-credit course in order to accommodate transfer to other post-secondary institutions.

CLBI alumni have furthered their education in graduate studies with various other Christian academic institutions.

Due to CLBI’s size and innovative educational style, it has not pursued official accreditation status. CLBI’s academic philosophy is to provide solid, practical Christian education. Though unaccredited itself, CLBI was extended the privilege to grant degrees of divinity through an act of the Alberta legislature in 1983.

Academic Expectations

As a post-secondary institution, CLBI expects students to work at college level. At the end of each weekly course, students are held accountable for the subject matter in the form of grades. To remain consistent with CLBI’s mission to train, equip and empower servant leaders, the programs seek to intentionally balance academic learning with practical application.

Academic Evaluation

Grades will be assigned to students for each module they complete. Marked papers or exams will be returned to students and the accompanying grades will appear on a progress report that students receive periodically throughout the year.

There is variation in what students are required to complete each week, but it can be expected that a minimum of two assignments or quizzes during each week must be completed.

Transfer to Accredited Christian Colleges

CLBI has a formal transfer agreement with Rocky Mountain College of Calgary, AB. If students wish to pursue other diplomas or bachelor degrees in various areas of Christian ministry. Graduates of CLBI also have received favorable transfer into accredited Christian institutions of higher learning at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.