Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute

Welcome Back Weekend

    October 19-21, 2012


     "Then He said to them all: 'If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.'" 

                                                                                              - Luke 9:23



Friday, Oct. 19     


 NOTE: lol youth event happening in the early evening.


10:00pm Late night in the Caf.

Warm Drinks and sweet treats


Board games, hanging out and reconnecting.

Saturday, Oct. 20


10:30am Worship (Erik Rust and Team)

Devotional thoughts shared by alumni

Come and be a part of the discussion.


11:30am Brunch


2:00pm Football (alumni vs. current students)

     See Erik Rust and Kaitlyn Craig for details


5:00pm Supper


7:30pm Worship led by Alumni band.

Message by Riley Sexton


9:00pm Coffeehouse – Main Classroom.

Come prepared to share a talent.


Sunday, Oct. 21


10:00am Worship led by Tara Salt and Team. (Main Classroom)

Message Pastor Harold Rust


12:30pm Dinner @ CLBI with Staff Families


As you prepare for the weekend read Luke 9:23-26 and consider:


What do these words mean to you and how do they speak to your life?

How has the world made it difficult for you to carry your cross?

How can you use Biblical truths to help you carry your cross daily?