Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute
Philosophy of Christian Lifestyle

Being a Christian is not about trying to be good. It’s not about rules – “do this, don’t do that!” No, it is much more exciting and life giving. Being a Christian is all about knowing by experience the grace of God in Jesus Christ, following Him, and allowing His life to transform and shape us from the inside out.

Many people see Bible School as a place where a certain type of behaviour is expected. While this is true, behaviour alone is not what God or we at CLBI are after. We are interested in transformation.

Every part of the CLBI experience is intentionally designed to nurture this transformation process. All of what we do - academic, social and devotional components - are designed to lead students towards Christian maturity, becoming more and more like Jesus.

This kind of transformation involves, at the most basic level, a love and commitment to the truth of God's Word. The Bible outlines how to live a full and faithful life. As we learn to love God and trust that He is good, we desire to obey Him more and more. The Bible contains both prohibitions (e.g., The Ten Commandments; warnings against drunkenness, sexual immorality, materialism and an impure thought life) and prescriptions (e.g., To love one another, to assemble for worship, to help the needy). A mark of spiritual growth is an increasing delight in and obedience to Scripture’s guidelines.

Again, Christian maturity involves more than adherence to scriptural statements of right or wrong. It involves allowing Christ to be the Lord of every part of your life, a continuing commitment to respond to God’s love, and a renunciation of self-centeredness. Christian maturity is nothing short of a life that takes God’s Word and allows it to inform and govern our beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle.

Living in Christian community requires that both confession and forgiveness are commonplace as we all mature, growing in discipleship and obedience to the Lord.

The key pursuit: transformation of the heart not simply conformation to the rules.