Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute
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CLBI Student - Worship

Worship is integral to a Christian’s spiritual life and growth. It is a time when we come before God, let down all our barriers, and offer up our whole being – every hurt, every joy, every sin, every victory. Bible school is a setting in which worship takes place and where worship is emphasized.

Worship, though, is so much more than just singing praises. The word itself means to express honor and worth. Romans 12:1 says that we are to live lives that are “holy and acceptable to God,” this being our “spiritual act of worship.” Worship extends past the service and penetrates into every aspect of everyday life. To worship God means to live our lives in a way that glorifies God.

At CLBI, we experience worship everyday. Daily we have Harambee, a Swahili word indicating a time set apart for “pulling together.” Harambee is so much more than just chapel. It is a time of sharing, growing and serving others. While we do pray and sing (both in traditional and contiporary contexts), Harambee is to reflect what worship is really about – living your life in communion with God and others.

~Solveig Spielman


Neil - CLBI Student

Following my first year of Bible school I was compelled to embark on a trip across the globe to Sri Lanka. I ventured out under God’s protection. Through serving and by being served, I realized how amazing God’s family really is.

Even if one’s lifelong calling isn’t cross-cultural ministries, seeing first-hand how Christ is lived out in different cultures is a vital aspect of exploring our faith. It revealed to me the breadth of life outside of my Christian experiences in Canada. As followers of Christ we are called and sent out. In my experiences of taking that call seriously I have never been let down. Each time I have grown deeper in my walk with God.

God has blessed me in so many ways through other people around the world. He has given me awesome friends and brothers in Christ, spiritual knowledge, a compassion for hurting people in search of a Saviour, and a whole new respect and love for the people back in my home congregation who have supported me. I am very proud of CLBI for making missions a priority in their program. It’s the perfect way to end the two years at Bible School. We will be thrown directly into the unknown, into uncomfortable situations where we’ll be forced to rely on God’s strength and direction. I am being sent to Mexico this year. I can hardly wait to see how God touches each of my teammates and the Mexican church we are going to serve.

~ Neil Kroeger


CLBI Student

I love trees. I have found the more I learn about them, root formation and types, the more I appreciate them. Generally the more educated you become on a subject, the larger your appreciation is for it. The Bible works in the same way. The more I learn about its stories, symbols and authority,the deeper my desire to read it becomes.

At CLBI our knowledge of the Bible is increased so significantly it is as though we had never truly opened our eyes in reading it before. To know God through the Scriptures is one of my deepest desires. The courses at Bible school instructed me in preparing my mind and heart for the revelations the Lord has waiting for me. I can take comfort in knowing that my instructions are God-breathed and true. I know that my instructors are Scripture-centered in their teaching and that God’s words are the basis for anything done at CLBI. There is nothing to fear and nothing to doubt when your life and studies are rooted in the Word.

Once you have learned so much, you cannot turn back to ignorance. You simply start to thrive on the verses read. I pray that God continues to work this desire deep into our souls for I have learned that we will find treasure, guidance and renewal within the Scriptures.

~ Elissa Kvemshagen


Lise - CLBI Student

At CLBI I entered an experience of living everyday within a Christian community. It’s not at all like going to church once a week. At Bible school a Christian family surrounded me from the moment I woke up until bedtime. Other people who shared my faith in Jesus Christ were around me each day.

As a group of students we agree to live by certain rules and accept consequences in order to make the campus a safe place, to not be a stumbling block to one another, and to make God our focus. We challenge each other to look to the Bible for how to better deal with situations that we fall into in our daily lives. The Christian community of CLBI holds us accountable for our actions, grants us grace for actions, and challenges us to deepen our faith. As individuals and as a group we strive for the ultimate goal – becoming who we are in Jesus Christ and growing in our relationship with Him. We are strengthened in this community to be able to take leaps in our faith, knowing we have God and a new family in Christ to catch us when we fall.

Living in the CLBI community is an experience you will never forget. More than that, it is likely an experience you will never have again. The friendships built will last a lifetime. In this community we are called to enjoy life, grow from it, take advantage of what can be learned, and be brought closer to God

~ Lise Grue


{ Learn to work together in a team, forming your character }

Phil - CLBI Student

I arrived at CLBI ready to dive into the word. CLBI was ready for me to dive into the outdoors, daring me to live in God’s holy wild. So there I was, at the summit of Mount Carthew in Waterton National Park overlooking Montana to the south, British Columbia to the west, and the golden plains of Alberta to the east. I was cold, hungry and my legs were burning but all of that didn’t seem to matter. I was experiencing God’s wonder!

We all grew very close as a group of guys that first week. Some of the bonding occurred as our limits were tested. Aside from hiking we also canoed for four days. Some of the profound and less insightful lessons I learned that week were that:

  • the river can truly be enjoyed when pretending to be pirates aboard the “S.S. Bad Idea” (ask me about it sometime).
  • food tastes best when it is cooked in one pot and mixed into a slimy stew.
  • “spooning” has nothing to do with utensils but rather is a method of sleeping in tight spaces such as tents to make it more bearable.
  • community, real, deep and honest community, is only achieved through the power of Christ’s love!

~ Phil Kjos